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Taika, Truly Spirit- ual is the culmination of imperial ancient Keralite tang of intensely distilled beverage and indigenously processed recipe that possess the richness of early organic taste plus an essence of contemporary savour. The South Indian origin suggests the regal merits of the flavour derived through supreme fermentation process and the rich ingredients involved in the making.


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The origin of intentionally fermented beverages dates back to the era of Stone Age, suggests the evidences. Since then, the ingredients used and the process of fermentation underwent circumvent evolutions at par with the renaissance revolutions that gradually necessitated the change in zest of humans.


The place of origin of our Taika being Kerala, the land famous for hospitality in general, there is an innate need to provide utmost importance for our customer taste preferences and are ready to constantly monitor terms of quality and aordability. As such, we believe in serving the best to our kings, i.e, customers and derive ecstasy out of it. Our community wish to built responsible social drinking habits among people and also engage in keeping the physical environment green and tidy. We promote appreciable career advancement opportunities for our employees and co exist in the most friendly manner, due to which they feel a sense of belongingness and work wholeheartedly to provide their best. In nutshell, the customers, employees and all the stakeholders are reaping goodness of our Taika brand.

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2 reviews for Taika

  1. Dave

    An amazing drink. Loved it!

  2. Rex

    Haven’t tasted something like this. Enjoyed its mysterious taste

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