Our History

The origin of intentionally fermented beverages dates back to the era of Stone Age, suggests the evidences. Since then, the ingredients used and the process of fermentation underwent circumvent evolutions at par with the renaissance revolutions that gradually necessitated the change in zest of humans. The rich heritage of Deccan rulers as praised by the traders from foreign land, is in respect of honouring and hosting their guests with the slogan “Athithi Devo Bhava:”, Guests disguised as Gods! This custom of the then rulers is habitually carried out since ancient and medieval times and is a recurring tradition henceforth.

During the reign of Kolothunadu Empire -14th century, there existed a healthy trade relationship between Portuguese, Deutsch, Arabs etc and the traders of Kerala. The kings made sure that the traders from other land, were treated exceptionally well by hosting Raj Durbar parties filled with music, dance, vine and alcoholic beverages. They exploited the taste buds of traders by serving indigenously nourished fermented alcoholic beverages that enticed them to socially mingle and that further led to recurring trade contracts. In essence, the rulers made sure that the servings remained in a singular taste every single time. Here upon, the king, addressed as Kolothiri during Kolothunadu reign, named Udayavarma Kolothiri, developed a special recipe of liquor that incorporated jaggery from Marayur in Kerala, adding natural fruit flavours of Apple, Pineapple, Grapes etc procured from Udhagamandalam, now Ooty in Tamil Nadu, along with special varieties of dates acquired through barter from the Arabs of Saudi. The idea of adding dates was generated due to the short self life dates possessed and that the acquired quantity remained excess. The making of this extremely special variety of fermented beverage, went through tedious trial and error tests and when it was finally served at the Durbar Party, the guests were so enthralled and thrilled at its taste.

Due to the uniqueness of its tatse and the wild sensory impressions that the drink offers, the traders got quite addicted to the partys and social interactions happened in a better manner. Later, the traders tried to understand the recipe and got alarmed at the dedicated and aggressive fermentation process involved in the making that paved way to such ravishing wild thick taste the alcohol posses. The present day, here we are, with the richness of this age old spirit, without altering the basic taste, with quite similar process and ingredients now introducing the ultimate brand Taika; Truly Spirit-ual.